Zing 激光机系列

Epilog Zing 激光机系列

Zing 系列中的入门级激光机不仅仅能够生成入门级雕刻和切割效果。这些低成本的桌面设备是想要开始业务或希望再增加一台激光机的客户的理想选择。

Mini Helix 激光机

Epilog Fusion Edge 激光机

Epilog's newest laser machine combines our top-of-the-line technology and our latest features in a compact desktop format, with 120 IPS engraving speed and 5G acceleration.

Fusion 激光机系列

Epilog FusionPro 激光机系列

The Fusion Pro laser series is Epilog Laser’s large format line of laser machines, featuring our largest work area, fastest speeds, and highest engraving quality yet, along with touchscreen controls and our brand-new IRIS™ Camera Positioning system.

Epilog G2 振镜激光机系列

利用独特的动态聚焦镜头技术,G2 振镜光纤激光机是首款固定位置雕刻工作面积达 24" x 24" (609 x 609 mm) 的振镜设备。

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