Fusion M2 双源选项

The Fusion M2's dual source option allows you to incorporate both a CO2 and fiber laser source into one laser system. What is the benefit of two laser sources in one cabinet? Space - if you are operating in a limited-space environment, you can maximize your space with equipment that can now work with any type of laser. For dual configurations, choose between a 50, 60, or 75-watt CO2 laser and match it with a 30 or 50-watt fiber laser. Pick the combination that is best for your application.

为了实现从激光光源到被加工工件的最大功率传输,需要一些针对激光源的特定波长专门设计的反射镜。有些双源系统会在光学器件上妥协,或者迫使您更换激光机和/或光学器件。M2 提供有专门的光学器件,并为每个激光源提供专门的光束路径,然后在聚焦之前组合这些路径。无需手动交换激光源;全部自动完成。两个源的激光对准始终是稳定的,而且永远不会被破坏,可以让 Fusion M2 产生最大激光功率以及大幅提高的图像质量和最快的作业处理速度。

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