Epilog Mini 和 Helix 激光雕刻和切割机

Epilog Legend Series - Mini and Helix Laser Machines

Legend 系列采用我们的多功能 CO2 激光机,客户可以将其用于进行最高品质的木料、亚克力、塑料、石头等材料的雕刻和切割。

  • Legend Mini 24:24“ x 12”(610 x 305 毫米)
  • Legend Helix:24“ x 18”(610 x 457 毫米)

Learn more about why the Legend Series - our small format Epilog Mini 24 and our popular Helix Laser - is the number one choice for engravers worldwide. With the high-quality motion control system and the most included user-friendly features on the market - the Legend Series consists of the best laser machines to meet your entrepreneurial and startup goals.

我们可以很自豪地说,Legend 激光机 100% 在美国设计、研发和制造!

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