Laser Engraving an Acrylic High School Science Award

Easily engrave an acrylic plaque with contrast and depth.

Engraving Settings
机器:80 瓦 CO2 Fusion Pro 32
新闻部500 速度100 % 电源55 % 抖动模式Stucki 雕刻方向自下而上
(Be sure to check the recommended materials settings in your machine's manual.)

Epilog Laser machines are great resource in academic environments, as both a hands-on educational device as well as a tool for creating recognition awards. One application schools find for their laser is the creation of academic awards. An Epilog Laser system enables schools to bring award creation in-house, resulting in cheaper per-unit costs and presenting learning opportunities for faculty and students alike. In this project we create an easy-to-produce science award using acrylic affixed with standoffs against a red lacquer wood plaque. The result is an eye-catching recognition piece with both visual depth and appealing contrast.

Additionally, an Epilog Laser machine is a great resource to be use for fundraising campaigns and unique booster gifts. When a school is planning their next fundraising campaign, how about something involving the laser? You can custom laser etch laptops for a donation, or create a commemorative laser-cut holiday ornament to sell, or create special etched keychains with your school logo. An Epilog allows you to show your booster community just how much they mean to a school. Engrave custom cozy fleece vests with the booster’s name and school logo or personalized travel coffee mugs and water bottles. Even the simplest gifts can mean so much more when customized with the laser. The ideas and possibilities are truly endless!

For this project, we used the Epilog Fusion Pro 32 laser machine with an 80-watt CO2 laser tube.

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