An Epilog Laser opens up a world of possibilities!

One of an Epilog Laser system's biggest benefits is its versatility. Our engraving, marking, and cutting machines are used every day by people around the world, in more industries than we can count. Whether they're manufacturers, small business owners, artists, makers, hobbyists, or students, our laser owners create amazing projects. Whatever your idea is, an Epilog Laser system can probably help you bring it to life.

The number of applications for laser cutting, engraving, and marking is nearly endless, and it grows with every project. Here is just a small collection of the ways you can use an Epilog Laser system.

  • 电子设备雕刻
  • 木制品雕刻和切割
  • Marble & Stone Etching
  • 玻璃蚀刻
  • Corporate Giveaways
  • 体育用品
  • Acrylic & Wood Signage
  • Wedding Memorabilia
  • Nameplates & Desksets
  • Appliques
  • 玩具和游戏
  • Wooden Models
  • 相册
  • 节日装饰
  • Laser Cut Cards & Invitations
  • Guitar Inlays


Every month, we create something new with our laser systems and share the project files and materials sources with you in our Sample Club. Here’s a look at some of our past projects:


How are other business owners succeeding with Epilog? Check out our Customer Spotlights section for a variety of success stories across all kinds of industries!


Epilog Zing 24 激光机

Zing 24

Zing 24 是我们的入门级机器之一。对于较小的木工项目(投资极低但雕刻和切割质量要求极高),Epilog Zing 系列是很好的选择。

Epilog Helix 24 激光机

Helix 24

如果要加工较大的物件,Helix 24 是理想选择。它的工作区更大,非常适合加工较厚的材料以及同时对多个物件进行激光加工。

Epilog Fusion Pro 48 激光机

Fusion Pro 48

Fusion Pro 48 配有我们最大的 48" x 36"(1219 x 914 毫米)工作区,是我们最新、最高级的 CO2 激光机系统。Fusion Pro 拥有迄今为止最快的速度和最高的雕刻品质,堪称是一流产品。

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