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Epilog Software Suite (8/27/2021)

  • 运行 Fusion Pro 系统所需的全部资源
  • 安装 Epilog 作业管理器和 Epilog Laser Dashboard

版本 版本说明

  • Adding new engravers to the Job Manager is more intuitive
  • 错误修复和改进

- For more information on the Job Manager, click here.
- Download Software Suite install and use instructions.
- For information on how to use the Construction Lines feature, click here

请注意: 安装前,请删除先前版本的 Epilog 作业管理器 和 Epilog 软件套件!(前往“控制面板”>“程序和功能”并删除该软件。)

下载 64 位 (x64) 版本 下载 32 位 (x86) 版本


  • Windows 7、Windows 8.1 或 Windows 10
  • 操作系统应在安装前进行所有系统更新
  • 支持 OpenGL 3.0(或更高版本)或 OpenGL 2.0 ES(或更高版本)
  • 4GB RAM 或更多
  • 2 核处理器或更多
  • 处理器可以是任何 Intel i3/i5/i7、AMD Ryzen 3/5/7、AMD A4/A6/A8/A10/A12/FX
  • Fusion M2 视觉系统需要集成千兆以太网。Fusion Pro/Edge 没有相同要求,但也值得拥有。


  • 8GB RAM 或更多
  • 4 核处理器或更多
  • 处理器可以是任何 Intel i5/i7、AMD Ryzen 5/7、AMD A6/A8/A10/A12/FX Firmware Downloads (.SWU) (.ZIP)

固件: (9/9/2021)

请注意: After upgrading the Fusion Pro to, you cannot downgrade to a version below

下载固件 下载固件 (.zip)



  1. Table can now be nudged when the machine is running. (New as of
  2. Improved engraving quality of the Rotary Attachment. (New as of
  3. Enabled the following features on the Fusion Pro 24/36: (New as of
    • WiFi Capabilities
    • Job thumbnails at machine (requires newest Software Suite)
    • Edit job settings at the machine
    • Adjusted the Rotary Attachment’s park position for easier loading and unloading
  4. Enabled the following features on the Fusion Pro 24/36: (New as of
    • Stack (Processing) Light
    • Ability to control the Air Assist from the Software Suite
    • Carriage camera for registration
  5. Improved vector speed and power compensation. (New as of
  6. Power and Frequency can be modified while the job is running, dependent on job and laser type. (New as of
  7. Added dynamic raster ramps for improved raster speeds and the ability to disable this feature in the settings menu. (New as of


Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements


  • How do I know what firmware version I have?
    • If you have older firmware, you can determine your firmware version under Settings (gear icon) > Version on the control panel. If your firmware version is newer, it will be listed at the bottom of the settings menu.
  • How often will I receive firmware updates?
    • If you have signed up for firmware updates, we only send new versions to customers when there are feature updates or large bug fixes. Incremental changes are only released to new production machines, and don't need to be updated in your machine if you are not experiencing issues.
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